A Dental Filling Can Sometimes Be Used to Repair a Minor Chip in Tooth Enamel

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Chewing on desktop items, or using your teeth to open containers can place an excessive amount of force on your teeth. This can also occur if you grind your teeth at night without the protection of a quality dental guard. Once the tooth enamel has been chipped the compromised area can be vulnerable to several different long term complications.

If the tooth isn’t repaired in a reasonable amount of time by a dentist like Dr. Rafah Abdelmonem, bacterial deposits could start to accumulate in the chipped tooth enamel. This could lead to the development of a severe cavity. Even if you manage to thoroughly clean the chipped tooth by brushing twice each day, the compromised structural integrity can eventually lead to a more severe dental fracture.

With timely attention, our team might be able to repair a small chip with a dental filling. Composite dental fillings are created special type of dental plastic that can be perfectly shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel. This makes them a good choice for repairing a chip that’s visible in your smile.

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