Topical Oral Analgesic Can Help Manage Pain While Seeking Treatment for an Oral Trauma

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Household mishaps, sports injuries, and automobile accidents can sometimes affect the mouth causing potential trauma to teeth and soft oral tissues. In a moment like this managing the pain and assessing the severity of the damage to teeth and oral tissues can help minimize complications while you seek emergency care at American Dental Center.

It might be helpful to gently rinse your mouth with some lukewarm saltwater to clear away any excess blood and oral debris. It might also help to soothe wounded soft tissues while also giving you a better look at the area.

If you need help managing any initial pain you could try taking an over the counter pain medication can help ease discomfort. Just don’t exceed the recommended dosage.  

A spot application of topical oral analgesic might help to numb traumatized soft tissues. It can help numb the area to ease pain and anxiety, while you make your way to Dr. Rafah Abdelmonem’s office.

Soft tissue swelling can sometimes be managed by applying a cold compress for up to 20 minutes at a time. If you have unwanted material or residual blood in your mouth, you can rinse it away with some lukewarm saltwater.

During your emergency appointment Dr. Rafah Abdelmonem will work quickly to assess the severity of the damage to your teeth and the surrounding oral tissues. Then, he will advise you of the necessary short term treatments and how they might affect your long term treatment plan.

If you are in the North Miami, Florida, area and you have suffered a significant oral trauma, you should call 305-625-5400 to seek emergency dental treatment at American Dental Center.