Try Teeth Whitening Treatments for a Dazzling Smile

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Do you feel like your smile is dull or has lost its shine? If so, you are not alone. Time plays a role in our bodies, including our teeth. With time, our teeth’s color can fade and depending on the foods and drinks we consume each day can also stain or discolor our teeth over time.

Luckily, our dentist, Dr. Rafah Abdelmonem, has teeth-whitening treatments available in the office. To help you understand more about teeth whitening systems our team at American Dental Center in North Miami, Florida, is excited to share some information with you. Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that often can be done quickly to help you bounce back to your busy day.

Almost anyone with their permanent teeth can have a teeth whitening treatment. Depending on your oral health situation and the depth of the stains would depend on the specific type of treatment requested for you. Teeth whitening treatments can be done in the office in about an hour or less, or there are take-home systems that can be equally effective.

If you are thinking about giving your teeth a dazzling shine this summer, then please give us a call at 305-625-5400 to make an appointment. Our team is happy to help you with your smile and oral health needs, so you can enjoy your summer season to the fullest this year.