What Are the Most Damaging Foods for Your Teeth?

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Taking care of your teeth means brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist every six months. Your daily oral hygiene routine removes harmful plaque and trapped food particles from attacking your teeth and gums, while your dentist removes any hardened plaque deposits, such as those in the back of the mouth which are often hard to clean.

But what you put into your mouth can also harm your pearly whites. So today, we are going to list the some of the most damaging teeth for your smile, so that you can be armed the knowledge you need to keep your teeth safe.

-Hard candies: loaded with sugar which feed the oral bacteria, they can also cause a tooth to chip or fracture. Try chewing sugar-free gum that carries the ADA Seal of approval instead.

-Ice: like hard candies, this otherwise healthy “food” can still damage tooth enamel and cause fractures. It’s just better to hydrate by drinking the water instead of chewing it.

– Sticky foods: you would think that dried fruit would be good for you, but sticky dried fruit stick to your teeth, leaving a sugary residue that feeds bacteria. You will definitely want to brush and floss after eating these.

-Starchy snacks: snacking on chips, pretzels, etc. are filled with starches that get trapped between your teeth. Rinse well with water after eating and brush and floss carefully.

Eat a balanced diet and limit unhealthy snacks to give your teeth the TLC they need to thrive. If you need to schedule an appointment with one of our dentist, please call us at American Dental Center in North Miami, Florida today! Dr. Rafah Abdelmonem, Dr. Peter Rossen, and Dr. Wayne Berry are here to help you! We can be reached at 305-625-5400.